What is it?

100 - 200 smaller fires break-outs lead to one bigger fire. A fire in a shipyard can cost up to 100k- 300k per minute!

Digital hot work permit is a perfect solution for companies that perform hot works. Law requires the employees to obtain a hot work permission before starting the hot work and the permit process can take plenty of time. Digital hot work permit application is a modern tool for managing the permits in real time. It expedites the permit process and makes supervising the granted permits easier.

Systems Garden provides solutions for maritime, construction and process industries. According to the research*, there can be up to twenty fire break-outs in a normal shipbuilding process. Our customers report, that by using our product, the number of fires has dropped to a fraction of that."

*2014 Pekka Räisänen (D.Sc., Tech.):
“Fire Risk and its Management in
Cruise Vessel Construction Projects. “
Doctoral Dissertations 101/2014. Aalto University, Finland.

Product Feature Table

Check below the three different solutions for digital hot work permit management

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