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Modern tools are replacing paper based processes and increase productivity

There are a number of processes in industrial sites where paperwork still plays a key role. How else would you apply work permit but using paper forms? The first cultural shift came when paper was introduced in hazardous works. Before any permits, the work was carried out and major incidents occurred. When the shift took place, training the people to apply for the permit took seemingly long time and when organisations finally streamlined the processes, it is now time to change again. However, this time the change is much quicker and the benefits will definitely outweigh the investments.

The work permit is applied in seconds

Depending on the queue and length of the paper form, applying a hot work permit can take hours to obtain. Therefore the permits are typically granted for weeks’ duration. For example, a cruise ship builder does not need to queue for the permit as he is using digital tools. He just uses his mobile phone and includes a couple of pictures on the permit application. In an instant, he received instructions for work safety and can now start working.

One knows where the works are happening right now

If a permit is valid three weeks, how will the fire chief know where to send his people to monitor the afterwork situation at this very moment? Or have enough of people alert on ongoing hot work sites? Well, he can’t or he has to have a brigade of mobile firemen available.

With digital tools such as safehotworks.com, the HSE responsible or fire chief knows what is going on at this very moment and where the fire hazard zones are. He can therefore allocate his groups so that no flying sparks will cause any major havoc.

Increases productivity

We calculated, that in a traditional site where the daily amount of hot work permits is tens per day, one can easily attain savings of thousands of euros per month via liberating time for productive work. When we take into an account all the fires that can be prevented with modern tools, the increased productivity, decreased risks and increased chances of meeting the construction timelines, one can easily see that small investments into digital tools are well worth it.

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