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Tool for easier reporting of inspections to DEKRA

Over the last years we have been establishing a successful partnership with DEKRA. DEKRA is an independent testing company with official authorization and it is specialized in performing testing and regulated inspections in e.g. industrial environments and automotive business. We have been providing solutions for DEKRA concerning communication, document management and work management.

For the last few years we have been focusing on creating solutions offering easy access to data because we believe that this is crucial to any business. For example, there is no need to sit down to a computer at the office to do a task you could easily perform on your phone or tablet in the field. We helped DEKRA to have an easier access to data as well as simplified the reporting.

DEKRA’s inspectors have to report both their working hours and the outcome of the inspection tours. This should be done as easy as possible. For this purpose we created a digital solution for DEKRA to report data and register the working hours via the mobile device. The solution is important for DEKRA because it speeds up the invoicing cycle since the reporting and registering takes place on site. Now reporting happens faster and easier than before.

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