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We helped DEKRA with real-time information of their metering devices

We have been helping DEKRA in several digitalization tasks in order to improve their performance. DEKRA is a multi-national independent authorized testing company and it is specialized in performing inspections in e.g. industrial environments and automotive business.

For inspections DEKRA uses various kinds of specialized and expensive metering devices. Earlier, it was common that exact whereabouts of the devices were uncertain, because they were often left in the location where they were used. A real-time view of utilization was lacking. Getting the complete information about the devices and locating them took extra time before a new inspection could take place. This caused inevitable delays for starting inspections.

This is where we hopped in: We saw a possibility to enhance the process by providing information centralized. All the important data about devices is gathered in one database with versatile search features: user details, usage time, device specification and maintenance details. We included the possibility to add and search data with the mobile phone since it is essential to have a quick access to the database. Now the inspectors can check the availability, location and condition of the device easily with a mobile phone. The maintenance is also easier and happens on time since the database gathers information about the condition as well as maintenance history of the devices.

This solution has simplified the whole inspection process as it can be used from anywhere with a mobile access. The database makes it possible to have better management and access to the inspector devices. DEKRA reports that their device utilization rate has improved and inspectors can easier ensure they have all the necessary tools with them.

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