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A fire break-out can cost 100 000 — 300 000 euros per minute

Are you aware that 100 — 200 smaller fire break-outs lead to one bigger fire and the cost of a fire during construction in a cruise vessel can cost up to 100 000 – 300 000 euros per minute? * Obviously it is crucial to minimize the risk of fires and we have developed a solution for better management of the hot works.

Our solution, digital hot work permit, increases significantly the safety at the dockyard since it offers effective control of permitted and performed hot works. The digital hot work permit management allows you to have a real-time register on performed hot works with accurate data and details of location. You can also maintain the information on persons with granted hot work permit.

Law requires the employees to obtain a hot work permit before starting the hot work and the process can take plenty of time. With the digital hot work permit the process can happen in a few minutes using the phone and the work can be started more quickly. Having a digital platform for the permits also reduces the amount of paper work to minimum. The application stores the past permits centrally since the hot works must be archived for at least five years in the offshore industry.

Controlling the past and current hot works is a easy with digital hot work permit application. Supervision is simpler because it is possible to have an overview of all the ongoing hot works onsite – it is quick to spot if someone does not have a valid permit. Digital hot work management even enables giving over to trusted sub-contractors the right to grant the less hazardous permits.

Having a digital hot work management system lets you have resources for work instead of admin.

*2014 Pekka Räisänen (D.Sc., Tech.): “Fire Risk and its Management in Cruise Vessel Construction Projects. “ Doctoral Dissertations 101/2014. Aalto University, Finland.

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