Shipbuilding and shipyards are probably the place where hot works are done more frequently than in any other industry in the world. It is common that dozens or even hundreds of hot works are going on at the same time.

Traditionally the hot work permits have been granted for a longer period of time, often for e.g. three weeks.This has prevented the possibility to know the real-time situation. Nobody has really known who is doing hot works and where just NOW.

This is critical, as a fire in shipyard has been estimated to cost 100.000 - 300.000 euros per minute. *

Digital hot work permit offers a modern way to grant and manage permits, to have a real-time view of the site, to report irregularities, to improve safety and quality and to decrease costs.




*2014 Pekka Räisänen (D.Sc., Tech.):
“Fire Risk and its Management in
Cruise Vessel Construction Projects. “
Doctoral Dissertations 101/2014. Aalto University, Finland.


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