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Our mission is to connect people and data – regardless of the system or device. We have been delivering solutions for over 16 years. Our clients include major industrial players like Meyer and DEKRA as well as some of the biggest construction companies in Finland. We are a well-known Finnish software developer with nearly 30 professionals in our crew and with 17 years history in this business. Many of our customer contacts work in the field of Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ).

We focus on creating business solutions - in most cases related with safety, work management and documentation as well as document management and digitalization of existing processes.

We believe that companies in manufacturing, process and construction industry gain competitive edge in digitalizing their processes with practical user-friendly business solutions.


The application should be adapted to fulfill the actual needs of business, not vice versa. Though sometimes the needs may be best satisfied in modifying parts of the process. Understanding  specific business processes is almost as important as technical know-how in satisfying the customer needs.


Instead of offering a packaged product or entirely customized application we provide you an application that may be suitable as is with slight modifications or an application platform that offers a selection of possibilities defined together with the customer.


We have an open approach towards our customers who appreciate our ability to make use of our experience built from a long line of customer projects. They also welcome a partner who dares to present innovative ways of doing things. Every company is facing the same challenges today - existing processes have to be more efficient through less work and transparency with online access to data. Simple processes for data collection and management as well as control of onsite worker presence are especially important for companies with strong sub-contractor presence.


We have had the opportunity to develop solutions with a great number of customers since 2002. So we know how to help you. We use agile methods and value honesty and expertise in everything we do. Our focus is to combine information and people who use it on all levels regardless of systems or platforms being used.

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