Systems Garden delivered a digital hot work permit application for Meyer Turku, part of a leading European shipbuilding company Meyer Werft. The application saves resources and enhances the safety at the dockyard.The application makes granting and supervising the permits easier and faster. “Granting the permit can now happen in a few minutes when it used to take 30 minutes or even up to an hour” says Harri Koivisto. 

“The employees are satisfied because even at the busiest times they do not have to wait long for the permits. Everybody benefits when the work can be started more quickly” says Harri Koivisto, the fire chief of Meyer Turku.

Case meyer turku

The application shows the overview of the situation in real-time so it is easy to observe all hot works taking place on the site. The application allows also filing of the granted permits facilitating the management of the prior permits.

”We used to pin tens of permit papers on ship walls and pillars. Now the application contains ship profile showing the exact spots where hot work is done.” says Harri Koivisto, the fire chief of Meyer Turku.

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